Lavender + Rose Bath Salts

Our Lavender + Rose spa bath salts are beautiful and are truly a bath experience fit for a queen (or king).

Our luxurious bath soak will take your bath experience to a whole new level. It is loaded with two colors of rose petals, dried lavender flowers, relaxing Epsom salt, and soothing pink Himalayan sea salt, and is scented with strawberry essential oil.

This is a paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and vegan product.


14 oz glass jar


In stock

Bathe like royalty with our Lavender + Rose royal bath salts. Epsom salt infused with strawberry essential oil and strawberry extract, blended with lavender and rose botanicals sets the scene for a luxurious spa-like bath time experience.


EPSOM SALT has been used for centuries because of its amazing health benefits. It serves as a natural detoxifier as it removes harmful substances and impurities from the body. It is said to provide relief from muscle pain, reduce inflammation, and promote restful sleep.

PINK HIMALAYAN SALT soothes sensitive and irritated skin. Like Epsom salt, it helps relieve sore muscles. It contains more than 80 trace minerals that are absorbed by your body during a warm bath.

LAVENDER helps promote calmness and a good night's sleep.

ROSE PETALS sprinkled in a bath are the image of luxury and self-care. It improves your mood and sets the tone for restful sleep.

Our handmade bath soaks are perfect for birthdays, administrative professional’s day, mother’s day, a gift for the holidays or just to express gratitude to someone special. 


Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Pink Himalayan Salt (Maris Sal), Rose Petals (Rosa Centifolia), Lavender (Lavandula) Flowers, and Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca) Powder, and Essential Oil.


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